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Avengers Headcanons! 

[Tony/Bruce brotp, Bruce & Stark Tower]
It takes Tony longer than he would have liked to get Stark Tower up and running again. He leaves Pepper in charge of consulting with each of the Avengers to make sure that they have everything they want on their floor. It was almost unspoken that they would live, at least semi-permanently in Stark Tower. The only person from The Avengers that Tony consults is Bruce. Pepper reminds Tony that not everyone is accustomed to living like him and that Bruce probably doesn't care if the equipment in his lab was 5 years of 5 minutes old. The first time Bruce comes by his finished lab, it's exactly like Tony said. Candy land. Tony explains how JARVIS works, and that he can order whatever he needs through JARIVS. At first, Bruce doesn't do anything but explore every inch of the massive lab that Tony has put together for him, almost afraid to touch anything for fear of destroying something ("do you know how many times Tony has destroyed his lab?" Pepper tells him whens he comes to find him for dinner one night). 

Bruce gets Tony to explain how some of the tech works, because it's all StarkTech anyway. After that day, Bruce gets interested in the tech that Tony creates, and they spend hours in the lab together. Bruce, being the doctor, is the one who takes care of all the other Avengers. Natasha rails against the flu ("Russian assassins do NOT get sick, Doc. It doesn't happen!"), and it takes Clint to convince her ("Goddamn it, Natasha, just do what the doc says and stay the fuck in bed"), and they become some of fucked up family. It's suddenly a year and a half later and beyond official Avengers saving-the-world business, he goes without losing control and one day a sign appears above the door to his lab that just reads "Candyland. All giant green rage monsters welcome"

Tony convinces Bruce that letting The Other Guy out is better than bottling him up, and Tony gets Bruce to help him design the best place for this to happen. They have a gym in the sub-basement where The Other Guy and Thor battle it out, and eventually Bruce learns how to just be The Other Guy
bonus headcanon: Bruce is the only person that Tony tells that he's tried to kill himself.

Tony uses every single corny and horrible pick up line on Steve, both in private and in public because Steve has never heard ANY OF THEM. This continues for at least a month until Bruce literally cannot take it anymore and tells Steve. Clint and Natasha usually just laugh silently.

Clint and Natasha fight instead of having sex. The fighting usually leads to inapprorpriate sex in the basement of Stark Avengers Tower. They've been walked in on by every other member of the Avengers, who now know that the gym is off limits for at least 3 hours when the pair of them are in there

Tony knows exactly what happened on the helicarrier (Tony is like the Gossip Girl of The Avengers) and puts Natasha on the floor below Bruce and above Clint, and it takes her longer than she's comfortable with to be okay with this. She keeps expecting him to Hulk out in the middle of the night and drop through her ceiling which she knows is ridiculous. It's not until she goes down to the gym in the middle of the night one night and passes his lab that she realises how stupid she was, because he's sitting there waving his hands at a hologram of something that she taps in her code and sits next to him as he explains what he's working on. She doesn't understand most of it, but she listens because he talks.

There is no yard at the Tower in New York, and they all refuse to let a dog live in the tower ("I'm not having a little mongrel tear up my shoes. What if there are aliens invading earth again, Natasha?" "Don't be so fucking dramatic, Clint") , and Tony has this huge place in Malibu that nobody is living in. So Thor spends a lot of time there, and accompanies Pepper whenever there is Stark Industries business. He takes Sif and the Warriors Three there, because they seem to spend a lot more time on earth then on Asgard these days, and Thor adopts three black lab puppies. Pepper sends Tony pictures, and they get pinned around Stark Tower, because it's so goddamn ridiculous to see Thor, who is 6'4 and built like a truck have three tiny animals crawl all over him. Even Clint bucks over in the end, and the now fully grown dogs come to live in the Tower. Not one of Clint's shoes ever get eaten.

Phil played it a lot cooler than he thought he would. From the ages of 5 to almost 20, there was only one Halloween costume fit for Phil Coulson, and that was Captain America. How was he supposed to know that SHIELD and Tony Stark and Captain Goddamn America were going to walk into his life and turn it upside down? How was he supposed to know that he'd face off with the actual God of Mischief. He thinks that the best and worst thing he ever did was convince Captain America that he was dead. And he will spend the rest of his life trying to erase the look of hurt on Steve's face when he walked through the door of a ruined shawarma restaurant in downtown New York

Thor isn't sure he can ever forgive Loki for what he's done, for the people he has hurt. Even after Thor found out that Loki was not truly his brother, it was not like an instant turn of events. They are brothers, and their bond is deeper than blood, because it does not run through blood. Thor knows that the people around him do not understand his need to defend his brother, but he does not expect them to. They are from broken families, broken pasts. He knows that this is what has made them warriors, fighters. But he is a warrior by lineage. He knows of family and he knows of courting war. And Loki crosses somewhere between the two of these things. And Thor does not know how to reconcile that.

Sif wasn't sure when her life had become so complicated. She supposed when Thor went to Earth, and she had decided to follow. Now she finds herself caught between two worlds. The Man of Iron had offered her, and her Warriors Three a place on earth, but it is not home. She has fought her battles and won her place. But now she's not sure what her place is. It would be a lie, both of mind and heart to say that she did not ache when she saw Thor with Jane, but she believed that all things worked out as they are meant to, and if she was meant to ache now to gain happiness later, she would pay the price.

[Nick Fury/His Band of Merry Men]
Not a lot of things surprise Nick Fury. What happens after the battle of New York does. He took a risk. A huge, potentially life ending choice in asking them to work together. He has no control over what they do next. And he doesn't want it. He asks Maria to make sure nothing really disastrous happens while he deals with the council. And it doesn't. He trusts his team. They can deal with what comes next.

Steve's favourite thing about the future is JARVIS. Tony, quite frankly, is both pleased and insulted ("Why aren't I your favourite thing?" he pouts one night). JARVIS can answer any of his millions of questions. The thing about sleeping for 70 years is that you miss a lot more than people would have thought. Tony enlists Darcy and JARVIS to teach Steve the important things, they start with the wars and go from there. When they get to President Obama, Steve decides his favourite thing about the future is the future. He also decides that his least favourite thing about the future is the future. ("Is this why you won't go out with me in public, Tony? Tony, this is stupid!"). Of all the times to wake up, Steve decides that it could be worse than 2012


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