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tendre_posion: i'm having 12% of a moment

tendre_posion @ lj

one must always be prepared to liberate treasure
19 August 1991
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constant feelings parade.
has a love for all things tv.
convention whore ♥ AT6!
women: amanda tapping // claudia black // jaime murray // hayley atwell // scarlett johansson // gillian anderson // joanne kelly // marina sirtis // gates mcfadden // kate mulgrew //

men: christopher heyerdahl // robert downey jr // jeremy renner // chris evans // chris hemsworth // mark rufflao // michael shanks // robin dunne // colin ferguson // eddie mclintock // ryan robins // jonathan frakes // patrick stewart // robert downey jr //
the avengers // sanctuary // star trek: voyager // stargate sg1 // star trek: the next generation // stargate atlantis // babylon 5 // the west wing // gcb // farscape // rizzoli and isles // eureka // warehouse 13 // ncis // the x-files // castle // jag // in plain sight // lost girl //

/p!nk. michael buble. coldplay. kings of leon. missy higgins. foreigner. fleetwood mac. queen. the cat empire. the cranberries. journey. meatloaf/
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"go suck a lemon", , amanda tapping's perfect hair, anything toby ziegler says, bartlet for president, blowing up suns, captain-janet-fraiser-of-the-uss-gqmf, cartographers for social equality, crazy ninja mossad assasins, crushes on fictional characters, dvd commentaries, elizabeth weir for president, fishing/cake/moonbase, gail the goldfish, garibaldi the perfect 'puff, giant green rage monsters, gibbs head slap, helen magnus' magical gunbum, i want to believe, inappropriately-timed jibbs paris flashbacks, ivanova is god, love is for children, marathon-ing tv shows, marrying nice airforce boys, mulder it's me, nonfat tofutti rice dreamsicles, quoting the west wing, sam seaborn's oxford shirts, sanctuary's irrelevant-to-the-episode podcasts, secret service code names, so right it's hotwrong, son of coul, talia my perfect snowflake, the fbi's most unwanted, the obama administration, tony's obscure movie references, unresolved sexual tension, ziva's incorrect american idioms, ziva's orange watchcap,